Situated in historic downtown Charleston, the site of Brown’s Court Bakery is steeped in history. We blend the traditional with the modern, providing a uniquely Charleston atmosphere and superior product.

Brown's Court Bakery

Our Story

Built in the 1800’s, the site was originally named Brown’s Court and consisted of four “sister” houses. Now occupied by Brown’s Court Bakery, 199 Saint Philip is the only remaining structure. Today the building is a vibrant addition to an already up and coming area of town. Harkening back to the original Browns Court, the bakery strives to preserve Charleston’s quality and variety of life by offering a large assortment fresh baked bread, pastries and specialty confections.

Our Team

David Schnell


Carrie Ann Bach

Pastry Chef

Ashton Riley

Assistant Pastry Chef

Gordon Ball

Head Baker

Jenna Steingress

Director of Operations 

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